These handcrafted all-natural jams are made with a special blend of fresh chili peppers, fruits and a twist of fine-tuned culinary expertise. Most of the fruits and peppers used are Texas grown and the few that aren’t, only wished they could be! Sweet Heat jams are gluten-free, fat-free and so versatile in their use, you will find that these jams will become one of the hardest working jars in your fridge!

Meet Nolan Stilwell, culinary artist and young entrepreneur.

He is a model of success and determination in his endeavors to advance in his career to become one hot pepper jelly-making genius! Nolan has Down Syndrome; but with the help of his community, family and faith Nolan is being given opportunities to achieve his potential through education, dedication, encouragement and support. Today, Nolan is realizing his dream to be a culinary artist with a business. He is finding that success is truly within his reach.

Nolan is the creator of TEXAS SWEET HEAT JAM COMPANY! A hot market innovation comprised of his own homegrown peppers and a twist of fine-tuned culinary expertise. His hot pepper jelly is a result of years of practice and parental attention paid to his talent and special interest in gardening and cooking. Today he sells his unique recipe jelly at many HEB locations, community events, online and through his Facebook network to become recognized as a very special businessman. In 2014 he was a finalist in the HEB Quest for Texas Best. Everyone wants Nolan’s Sweet Heat, and this makes him the epitome of success in the competitive jelly-making industry. He is making batches weekly and selling an average of 200 cases per month! The supply can’t keep up with demand!